Rancho Guaraguao

El Rancho Guaraguao es un resort exótico escondido en una esplendida montaña llamada “Las Neblinas” en Constanza  a 5,000 pies sobre el nivel del mar en el corazón de Republica Dominicana.

Este resort ofrece unas 30 bellísimas cabañas de diferentes estilos; Palafitos, Campesinas, Vista Alta, Casas Bonitas y Los Pinos.  Disponen de todas las comodidades y totalmente equipadas con kitchenettes, sala, comedor, Cable TV Color, teléfonos, balcones, área de bar-b-q y además con una hogareña chimenea.

rancho guaraguao


Además el Rancho Guaraguao cuenta con una gran variedad de facilidades, actividades y diversión :

Restaurante El Cazador
Gimnasio – Spa
Sala de Juegos
Piscina y Jacuzzi Térmico
Snack Bar Las Neblinas
Café Mount Faucon
Terraza bar-b-q
Área de campamento,
Four wheel
Area de Juego de Niños
Deportes Extremos en Rancho Guaraguao : Para los amantes de la aventura que buscan elevar los niveles de adrenalina aceptando el reto que solo Rancho Guaraguao ofrece con sus emocionantes Deportes Extremos.

Excursión al salto de Aguas Blancas
Four Wheels
Paseo a caballo
Alquiler de bicicletas
City tour camión aventura

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    10. I swear by my over-the-door hanger! I hang my robes, towels, and my hair styling products (CHI's, curling irons, and blow dryer)! It has saved me a ton of space–since I used to keep my styling tools just rolled up under the sink or on the counter.Oh, baskets are a life-saver too! Love, love, LOVE them!

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    12. , As a pastor of a cchruh in a small town (Shippensburg, PA) my jaw dropped as I read this blog post first because of how Brand New Church is ministering to this cchruh down the street and secondly because they are a cchruh in the denomination I’m affiliated with as well. Thanks, Shannon, for loving The Church and for reaching out in this manner. What an example you are setting! Blessings. on 07 April 2011 / 12:20 PM  

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    18. Love it! We’re going to be baking here, too—our first project is next week—monster cookies. I wrote down the wacky cake recipe—we’ll be sure to add that to our list this summer!!!!! I’m not the most patient mom, but I do love baking with my girls. My mom never really let me help in the kitchen, so I love having Caroline cook with me!

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    24. Candy is dangerous…but delicious enough to risk it, right? I went to see a friend last weekend who’s experiencing first hand the shock of losing a marriage she thought would always be there. As an almost married lady myself, it shook me up and made me sad. I think my perspective on marriage sounds a lot like yours, that nothing can be so big a deal that it can’t be worked through. But seeing people not work through it is devastating.

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    26. Riguardo ai viaggi nel tempo, qualunque lista è inutile. Qualunque cosa deciderete di fare, sia essa utile o dannosa per la vostra sopravvivenza, è già accaduta. Se voi siete morti 600 anni fa, bruciati in una piazza per aver parlato della Terra rotonda oppure 1000 annifa , assassinati da contadini impauriti perchè aver tirato fuori una torcia elettrica, non esiste lista che vi possa proteggere, perchè…”Whatever happened, happened”Ah, ma quante cose ci insegna Lost XD

    27. LoriI think this kit is good for moms like me who are self-professed non-cooks, don’t really know where to begin making foods for baby (or myself much of the time!) and don’t already have the proper tools on hand. I struggle constantly with ideas for new recipes even now that my kids are past baby food, and this cookbook is a great way to get inspired. I could totally see how more foodie mamas would likely already have a decent setup in the kitchen, though!

    28. Grammatically speaking, you are probably correct, but I think I was going for that comedic beat, as if I suddenly remembered I should probably put an “ist” at the end of it which required a longer pause, and I can’t believe I’m dissecting this to death – somebody stop me – did I mention I never went to bed last night? Yeah.

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    30. Black folks been paranoid for good reason here for centuries. beck is like Elvis, stealing our act and getting paid. Damn shame. only in amerikkka can an uneducated wite man make millions by spewing retarded racist crap day in and day out or recycle some old John Birch mess from the 60's. I am jealous.

    31. To Gloria’s family,So sorry to hear about her passing I worked with her and Gerber’s and she was such a joy and when she laughed it came from way down and would make you laugh even though you didn’t know what she was laughing about. God be with youDianne (Vollman) Kirk

    32. Welcome back. I enjoyed your book and re-joined Weight Watchers since I was so inspired by it. Could you please focus your attention now to the online services so that a chicken thigh is no longer 40 points and that when we try to save our data it actually gets saved. Do you ever read the message boards? I’m far from alone in my feelings.I feel like I’ve been taken by a used car salesman.

    33. Moi si j’étais riche, je partirai aussi, et je pense que tous ceux qui dénoncent les riches en feraient autant. Les gens ne sont pas plus honnêtes parce qu’ils sont pauvres, si un RSAste avait gagné la super cagnotte d’euromillion la semaine dernière, en aurait-il fait don à l’Etat pour combler le déficit, ou l’aurait-il gardé pour son usage personnel ?

    34. VIOLATORS news press release-reunion gig to celebrate over 30 years release of ny ripper b/w my country with new record of unreleased and live cuts!! the sound is a tight sonic punch of what makes them the legends they are!! Gigs will have VERY special guests and bands from the classic punk era–tentative dates are fall/winter 2012—please pass it on!! thanks!! VIOLATORS Wrecking Crew Prods.

    35. من به حرف وکیل شما اعتماد ندارم که پرونده شما را ارسال کرده باشد حودتان می توانید به مونترال تلفن بزنید ۰۰۱۵۱۴۸۷۳۵۷۶ داخلی ۵ دوشنبه تا جمعه ساعت ۴ بعد از ظهر به بعد و با داشتن اطلاعات پاسپورت خود از روند پرونده مطمئن شوید

    36. A Yves. A son heure, la Comtoise, avec sa petite charrette de l’armée Suisse, nous accompagnera sur la réserve, au-dessus du lac Blanc. Il n’y aura pas de D N* 350 dans ses « fontes » pour refouler l’excès des touristes en plus d’un D N* 200, qui pourrait déjà exister pour les autochtones…Bien sûr que je plaisante, mais la journée, elle, ne sera pas « chômée » ! ( * Diamètre Nominal )

    37. i have a digital camera, which sadly while making a video i cannot pause during a video. If a press the play button again it just saves the video, if i make lots of little clips for a video i would like to make, but instead of uploading them to youtube, am i able to take the little clips from my computer to the video editor? thanks for reading and please reply

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    40. 09/01/2012LuizE digo mais, espero que aqueles que fazem isso… reavaliem se realmente, merecem o diploma que ostentam em seus consultórios, Não sei o que é mais triste: ele dizer que todo dentista faz isso, ou quem nunca fez coisas do gênero, ser mal visto aqui e chamado de hipócrita, que absurdo… convido qq um aqui para passar um mês comigo e ver se eu faço essas coisas aí listadas… ficaria feliz se quem escreveu dissesse: eu faço isso, ao invés de incluir uma classe toda…  

    41. That's not a friend! To hell with her. Call her up on the phone (I never recommend battling it out via Facebook and Twitter and Email, it's just pointless) and tell her, "Look, I think this friendship thing we've had is at the end of its run. So, I want to wish you and the children well and I hope everything works out great for you guys, but I'm going to move on. I'd appreciate it if you stop putting stuff up on Facebook about me. Take care." Gone. Done. The end. BLOCK HER. Sorry you're dealing with all of this!!

    1. Burk,>But if high amounts of the debt were to be redeemed there, causing inflation<I repeatedly see many variants of this statement, but it seems completely absurd to me. One day I'm risk averse having tied up my money in govt debt (less return than a savings account!) , the next day I'm on an inflationary spending spree? Really??

    2. Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any recommendations for rookie blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

    3. Byker Bob:Mike Lofgren has just come out with a book called “The Party is Over.”Neither political party is doing a good job of representing constituents today. I confess to not having read the book yet, but I did see an interview on Tavis Smiley’s program, and it seems like Lofgren does have his finger on the pulse of American politics.BB

    4. Les têtes de Fillon dans les cadres 3 et 6 sont purement priceless, merci de m’avoir enfin reveillé à 12h15 haha. Le probleme de ce gouvernement est le même que celui d’un gamin de 12 ans. « Nan, s’pas ma faute, c’est sa faute à lui », même quand c’est evidant que non… Aucune capacité de remise en cause, d’analyse et de prise de conscience…Desesperant.

    5. Sooooooo cute. I love this. Just might have to try this some year. Actually, I could do it now. I have some willow branches in my bathroom that I hang earrings on. I’ll have to hand a few small ornaments, too.:)ps. thanks for the well-wishes.

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    9. tealady: hey, didn’t know u started a blog bc of me…tt’s nice bc now i can count 3 ppl who did tt 🙂 n thanx for the award, i’ll do a post on it soon, thanx again.kim: yes, HKgers r damn well-paid. i told my girl tt if she wants the material life she shd work there.lianne: i don’t think we have a formula here. we just order what we want based on our level of hunger, which is often high.bsg: yes, simple n satisfying.

    10. Galgenhumor (“gallows humour”) is sometimes the best kind.Euphemism and political correctness–so tiresome, and ultimately futile. By euphemizing things, we ultimately stigmatize them.A rose by any other name smells just as sweet, a cretin is just as stupid, and a lunatic just as crazy.

    11. Анонимный любитель пранка / Ну ты им разрешил, в итоге-то?Алсо, что там с пруфлинком? Был предоставлен?

    12. Having a URL show up in the Duplicate Title & Meta Description section in Webmaster Tools should be considered more of a warning than an error — if you're fine with those URLs, then there's no need to change things. I certainly wouldn't use the removal tool just to clean up the warning area. Without knowing the URLs and being albe to double check that it's all set up correctly, I would recommend just leaving it like that. (If you have any doubts about these URLs, feel free to post in the Webmaster Help groups, including your URLs.)

    13. wow beautiful photos and sepia tone really adds to the mood! The 1920's rolls is beautiful and seriously love the fact you wore the miu miu clogs!! dainty shoes, ankle socks, a 3/4 length skirt and belted jacket would have been amazing too!Have a fun weekend and hope you'll call by soon lovely! kisses. Katie.xx

    14. The best advise you can give to Patriots is to become a prepper for the pending economic collapse. Look at the recent example from Hurricane Sandy. Preppers are taking care of their families & neighbors while the lemmings wait with empty stomachs and empty gas tanks. Go to a shooting range and become a better shooter, defender of your property in case the takers come for it. Stock up on food, water filtration, toilet paper, silver coins, ammo, etc.

    15. I don't really see how you call 2 hours of boring canned answers with a poor moderating and such INTERESTING and GERMENE questions an exciting debate. How many guns do you own? Relevance? Yankee's or Red Socks? Can we get a question that matters! I didn't watch this thing to be entertained I watched it to gain an insight into the candidates and their positions on the issues. Instead I got softball question aimed at entertainment that failed in every category.

    16. Tak for hjælpen allesammen – nu er jeg i hvert fald tættere pÃ¥ en afklaring :)Den sorte kjole er fra Vila (købt pÃ¥ bubbleroom.dk), den lange nude er fra H&M og den nederste fra Elise Ryan (købt pÃ¥ Nelly.com). De er alle købt inden for de seneste to mÃ¥neder.

    17. Sep27Bryan Magana Hi Mike. You may have a problem with that, but you need not. Everyone draws a line somewhere. Even you. Many believe marriage should be between two committed adults (gay or straight). Polygamists draw the line further out, extending marriage to three (or more). Some cultures draw the line even further, marrying off their children. As a Christian, I draw the line closer in, believing marriage to be a covenant between one man and one woman.VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 20 votes)

    18. Claire, thanks for the thoughts! (See — you’re more on top of kitchen stuff than you think you are. ) L. doesn’t care much for frittata, though he’ll choke down a bit if he’s super-hungry at dinnertime; we haven’t tried quiche in a while, but I’m definitely considering it! The “wumpsicles” as L. calls them are a great idea. We haven’t made them in a long time, and since they’re made with lowfat yogurt (the only way I can sneak yogurt past him without him knowing!) they’re not super-unhealthy. Maybe he’d also just drink the “juice” for those unfrozen….hm…

    19.   December 12, 2011Here’s a question for you…I have the problem where I have stories that zoom around in my head like one of those ticket machines at arcades. The problem is that I can’t seem to get them on paper legibly. I can outline them. I guess what I’m asking is how do you organize your thoughts so that they don’t come out one tangled mess? How do you prioritize or catalog ideas?

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    21. Re: "Harry Potter and the Islets of Langerhans" … I suspect it involves werewolves, as did its predecessor, Harlan Ellison's brilliant (and Hugo-winning) novelette "Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Latitude 38° 54' N, Longitude 77° 00' 13" W" [F&SF Oct 1974]