Iberostar Costa Dorada

El hotel IBEROSTAR Costa Dorada se encuentra en primera línea de la extensa playa de arena color dorada de Costa Dorada, a sólo 10 minutos de la ciudad de Puerto Plata, en la costa norte de República Dominicana. Este maravilloso complejo de 5 estrellas con régimen de Todo Incluido es un magnífico refugio para los amantes de los deportes acuáticos.

Reformado en 2011, el Hotel IBEROSTAR Costa Dorada cuenta con 406 Habitaciones Estándar, 30 STD familiares, 42 STD Vista Mar, 20 STD Spa y 18 espaciosas Junior Suite. El complejo es de estilo colonial y las zonas comunes se encuentran rodeadas de amplios jardines tropicales.Un atento personal plurilingüe facilita la experiencia de unas vacaciones perfectas en la isla.

Diversión para todos. El Hotel IBEROSTAR Costa Dorada ha sido concebido para facilitar la diversión de niños, adolescentes y adultos, ofreciendo una amplia variedad de actividades durante todo el día y presentaciones  artísticas con  espectáculo y música en vivo durante la noche. Los más pequeños podrán disfrutar en el MiniClub, donde podrán leer, colorear y  ver películas mientras se divierten en horario de 10.00 am – 12.30 pm & 3.00 – 5.00 pm para edades de 4 – 12 años.

Deportes y mucha agua. El hotel Ibersotar Costa Dorada tiene una gran oferta deportiva. Quien se hospede en este hotel podrá bucear, montar en kayaks, jugar al tenis, practicar aeróbico o participar en torneos de arquería y tiro al blanco, entre otras muchas cosas. También cuenta con un completo gimnasio para mantener la forma durante las vacaciones.

Comida exquisita y variada.  El hotel IBEROSTAR Costa Dorada posee tres restaurantes a la carta, disponibles con previa reservación, La Hacienda – Mexicano, El Bohío – Brasileño, Sakura – Japonés. Además, cuenta con un bufet internacional donde se mezclan las ensaladas frescas, quesos, carnes, pescado y pastas, así como un bar con refrigerios, saladitos, frituras y más. La calidad de las comidas en el hotel IBEROSTAR Costa Dorada es uno de sus puntos fuertes y por ello se cuida y mejora día a día.

Tiempo para el relax. Los que quieran reencontrarse con la paz durante sus vacaciones en República Dominicana, en el Hotel IBEROSTAR Costa Dorada encontrarán un moderno spa donde podrán disfrutar de tratamientos, masajes, jacuzzis o baño de vapor, entre otras cosas.
– See more at: http://www.iberostar.com/hoteles/puerto-plata/iberostar-costa-dorada#sthash.gM0Vgfsa.dpuf

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    1. MiniPhasme frileux, rapprochez-vous du radiateur, près du TLFi :Moufler, verbe transitif, vieux et familier : Tirer quelqu’un par le nez et par les joues pour lui élargir le visage. (Dict. xixe s., Lar. Lang. fr.)Euh… étant donné que cette muflée ne peut être administrée que par une créature extra-terrestre ou mutante, j’en déduis que vous partagez mes doutes quant à l’ »X » commun à certains avatars ?

    2. Masri, hairilmokhtar, Mohd Rohaizad, RafaizulRahman, AminZunaidi & Rohaniah – terima kasih atas email dan pandangan anda semua. Sebenarnya kesemua sikap ini memang ada pada setiap manusia. Hanya kita, ya diri kita sahaja yang dapat menentukannya dan bukannya orang lain.

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    4. MandreDear Moon, I agree with you there is good and bad people every where, and i don’t believe all muslims are like Sulaiman, because i have met amazing people actually i’m raising my son as Muslim because i do believe is the best for him and i also praying from the salvation of Saloom, at the end he’s Sami’s father and i can’t changed. I just hope one day Sami can meet his grandparents and relatives. May Allah bless u

    5. C’est bizarre ça… Eux ( NKM, Copé, Luca, et pas mal d’autres politiciens ) quand ils manient l’insulte, ils ne s’excusent jamais ( les exemples sont malheureusement légion pour ce quinquennat d’éboueur et de fouilles-merdes ). En revanche si jamais, il advient qu’ils soient insultés, ça devient une affaire d’état, et l’on devrait s’excuser non 1 mais plusieurs fois… On sait ce qu’ils nous restent à faire… Comme le dirait si bien M.Poutou, il faut foutre Sarko et sa clique dehors !

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    10. Ai era a tua despedida de solteiro? Tenho uma vaga ideia disso, de uma fantástica viagem de automóvel e de uma outra busca por uma outra boîte ao pé de uma cimenteira lá pelos idos de Setúbal.E, já agora, deixem-me que conte que lá pelos idos dias do PREC, qual MFA garboso, dei ordem de encerramento do Stone's, na sequência de queixas de ruído da comissão de moradores.LT

    11. I certainly do not view many of the items you posted as mistakes especially Prop 8 and the ERA fight. Those things were directly inspired and led by the prophet and the quorum of the twelve. If we truly believe they are called of God, then we will know not to complain about their inspired decisions. Of course, it may be that these like Zion’s Camp or The Kirtland Safety Society may be undermined by the pettiness and lack of faith on the part of members. Still, the prophet reveals God’s will even when the people eventually fall short.

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    13. Nunca se discute o socialismo que se tentou implementar em estados de cultura mais ou menos liberal (leia-se democrática burguesa e constitucional ao estilo do século xix) como a Espanha ou o Chile. Não por acaso (veja-se o mais recente caso das Honduras) acabaram como acabaram.Fica-se sempre agarrado aó que se passou em estados secularmente autocráticos como a Rússia ou a China (e que independentemente de quem por lá mandou nunca deixaram de ser tirânicos, em maior ou menor grau).

    14. I agree, this used to be one of my favorite brunch spots in BA, not only have they downgraded on the food (presentation and overall taste), but pretty bad service as well. Perhaps the only good thing they’ve got going for them is their Tandoori Mary drinks…. IF they have tomatoe juice at the bar. Triste indeed.

    15. I think he’s got more years in him too, but realistically, I think he’s made the CPC brand so strong, I can think of one or two of his caucus members that could continue in Harper’s footsteps no problem. I don’t fear him deciding to move on. Our bench is THAT strong.

    16. I grew up on “Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories” in the 1950s. Each issue featured an adventure with Scrooge, Donald and the nephews. In the late 1980s I purchased a glossy coffee-table compendium of the best of these, and was pleasantly surprised at how well they’d worn: the writing was as gratifying (in certain respects more so) in my late thirties as it had been when I was not yet ten.

    17. Hi;Last year I ordered 100 bracelets for my June Pride Month Celebration at the Veterans Hospital in San Juan Puerto Rico for a donation that I paid. These 100 bracelets were given to veterans, employees and visitors that requested them from me. I am the LGBT Program Manager at VA San Juan and I will like to get more bracelets to give away. What can I do?since you mention just mailing to continental US at this time. Puerto Rico is not international shipping we have the same US Postal Service as the 50 states. I will like ta least 25 bracelets to start this time since I have to pay for them myself. Thanks,

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    21. I’m having some difficulty in accepting that this kind of travesty can in any way be legal, and that it might even be too late for anything to be done to stop this from going through – hopefully there will be more coverage in the mainstream press, but I’m not sure that even a spot of adverse publicity will change the minds of those responsible – thanks for the other links, which I’ll check out.

    22. si, tanto in ogni caso c’è sempre il pericolo che l’essere retrolocato ti ignori seduta stante e provveda a spiaccicarsi sul tuo paraurti… incerti del mestiere, diremo! @blazar: pensa che bello poter scendere dalla macchina e sventolare al microcefalo un tesserino da Municipale (che quell’azione, in città, non si può mica fare così così… ci vuole il morto a bordo, sai…); proprio bello, il tesserino da Municipale con sopra scritto Cap. Zio Bleiz

    23. E anche perché, per dirla tutta, l'attuale detentore del record d'intelligenza di questo pianeta sta dimostrando troppo spesso di non essere all'altezza del compito.Record? Quale record? Nessun record, se stai parlando di quegli strani bipedi al terzo posto. Topi e delfini guidano sempre ben saldi la classifica. (A propostio, l'altro giorno un deflino mi ha detto "Addio, e grazie per tutto quel pesce", mi devo preoccupare?)

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    25. 1e8Sou mais uma novata nessa blogosfera com apenas 4 meses de blog.Tento ao maximo ler posts como o seu para tentar me direcionar no caminho correto. Se no nosso dia a dia ja nos deparamos com pessoas falsas, sinicas e oportunistas pq na blogosfera seria diferente?Vc certamente me ajudou bastante com esse post e parabens!Sao pessoas como vc, que realmente escrevem o que publicam que me inspiram.

    26. November 5, 2009 in short, what I’m concerned about is a view that extends “the folly of what was preached“, from the foolishness of the cross to the foolishness of preaching (taken to legitimate any old doctrine Christians may hold to and the world rejects)- I’ve honestly heard people use 1 Corinthians 1 to defend creationism, intelligent design (whatever we think of them, I’m not being pejorative), the rapture, republicanism…all on the basis that it’s “foolishness to the world” in antithesis to Christian thought. It’s not. Sometimes, what Christians are preaching is foolishness because it’s stupid.The Cross itself is the foolishness.

    27. You are generalizing. SOME conservatives oppose abortion under all circumstances because they consider the life of a fetus equal or greater than the life of a woman. They are pro-life in that they will not personally intervene in life and death situations, and would rather leave it up to nature. This is, of course, hypocritical because the same people who will leave a woman’s life to nature in the event on a pregnancy doctors have advised will kill her, don’t shun unnatural medical remedies themselves, such as prescription Viagra and organ transplant surgery.

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    29. Nu avslöjar inte Svenska Dagbladet att arbetskompisarna hans har skurit sönder däcken utan dom tror det i sin fantasi. Tänk att ett komunalråd kan gå ut med sådana uppgifter utan att det fins några bevis. Att inte Stockohlms stads politiker vill ta sitt ansvar som arbetsgivare ska ju inte gå ut över sopgubbarna.

    30. Question à Jean Meyran. Seriez vous un soupirant de PRD ou êtes-vous un sociétaire du Monde? Le jugement « Clearstream » sera rendu le 28 janvier 2010; en attendant regardez quotidiennement les  » feux de l’amour » sur TF1 , puis à 18h achetez l’édition papier du Monde; cela vous fera patienter en attendant la chronique de PRD qui sera publiée à la fin janvier 2010.Très cordialement.PR

    31. that the split is imminent.And there’s that African missionary group in Northern Virginia who have come to the US to prosletyze the unbelievers in the seat of power. They are Episcopalians. I predict that within 10 years or so the Archbishop of Canterbury will be of African origin.Perhaps the Roman Pontiff will be Chinese.Meanwhile, the UU, and the American Council of Churches visit Cuba and rave about Saint Fidel…and create sanctuaries for illegal aliens. I think they are stuck in the amber of nostalgia, needing so much to have something to be against, especially if it includes legitimate government. Burn, baby, burn…yawn.

    32. Obecnie jestem w 30 tyg. ciąży, wiÄ™c siÅ‚Ä… rzeczy u ginekologa bywam regularnie:)WczeÅ›niej nie miaÅ‚am szczęścia w trafianiu na dobrego (czyli dajÄ…cego poczucie intymnoÅ›ci, bezpieczeÅ„stwa i znajÄ…cego siÄ™ “na rzeczy” lekarza), wiÄ™c bywaÅ‚am w różnych gabinetach, wÅ‚aÅ›nie po to, aby regularnie wykonywać badania:)

    33. Wow. Very intense! This is my first viewing (won’t be my last!) perhps u can help me w/my reaction: Felt the Yellow in My Heart Center, heart center felt “full” of something rest of video/under pressure, then felt third eye located in Throat center, thank goodness crown chakra was in the right place. Is this normal? Does is mean my energy centers are confused? Thanks you!

    34. Jeremy, the important figure is not the 1% of patents which may be litigated, it’s the 100% of patents which may be used as prior art during examination before any of the world’s patent offices. Anyone who has seen a USPTO office action quoting a machine translation of a Japanese patent as a supposed prior art on your invention when the sentence quoted means nothing like what the examiner thinks it means knows this. The basic problem is it then ends up being your (Japanese-speaking collegue’s) word against the examiners, unless your willing to pay for an official translation that is.

    35. Oui, Luc, la question de la place dont on dispose est très intéressante. Mais il ne faudrait surtout pas qu’on en arrive à la notion de « place disponible par personne » car si l’on donnait à chacun cette place disponible (par exemple 5 hectares), beaucoup de personnes crèveraient très vite. Un habitant d’Afrique a besoin d’infiniment plus (terres pauvres, climat dur) alors qu’un habitant de chez nous a besoin de beaucoup moins (terres riches, climat tempéré).

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    37. “Thus from the midst of all this neurosis, we need religion and “spirituality” to make peace with ourselves when what we really need is to have back the organic stuff that was taken.”Yes, I grabbed onto that at one time, too – was still looking for love in all the wrong places. What I am talking about has nothing to do with religion or spirituality. It is vibration.

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    39. 29/05/2010 – 2:00pmNo creo que Roncero (Guasch lo chano menos) estoé a la altura de Serrano y Hernáez… vale que es un frofo y lo que queráis, pero no es mezquino, como los otros dos (y eso que a mi Serrano me caía bien, pero es demasiado perro faldero de Inda)…Hablo desde mi punto de vista, pero cuando veo a Roncero en Punto Pelota es un tío que se nota que es un cachondo, defiende lo suyo, y me hace gracia…Un día puse, 2 minutos porque me da mal rollo, el Marcador, y salían ess dos… cambié enseguida. No me hacen ni puta gracia.

    40. I laughed when I saw that, if May wasn’t allowed in the debate, you weren’t going to watch it. That’s the kind of participation in government that we need!“If I don’t get my way, I’ll not bother, since it’s only interesting if I get a say”. You are a bastion of open-minded thinking

    41. 私も迷っていましたが、あまりのシンクロに・・・。ぱるままさん!私も、44歳で妊娠しました!私はストレスの多い職場に働いていて、42歳のときに会社を辞める時には既に更年期症状のほてり、生理の途切れ、めまいが当たり前になっていました。もう、自分の子供を抱くことも無いかと思うと、子供のいる友人のグチも聞けなくなるほど心が落ち込みました。また、道で妊婦さんや子連れの人を見かけるとまた凹みました。のたうちまわりたいくらい黒い想いも抱えていました。けれど、会社を辞め、一人でも生きていける道を考えて、「これでも大丈夫」と腹をくくったら、今までのように友人とも話ができるようになりました。そして、2年、体をいたわり心をいたわって、色んな症状が少しづつマシになった今年2月、妊娠しました。私が落ち込んだときによくやっていたのはお風呂で自分で自分をぎゅっと抱きながら「よく頑張ってるね。よしよし。大丈夫。」と言いながらそっと自分をなでる、ということでした。つらいことや悲しいことをいかに頑張って乗り越えてきたか。自分が一番わかってるんだから自分が自分をほめてあげなきゃ、と思うんです。先の方々もおっしゃっているとおり、子宮外であろうとなかろうと妊娠できる体と卵ちゃんをハイジさんはお持ちです。少し、ご自分と生まれ来る赤ちゃんに自信を持って、体と心をいたわってあげてくださいね。ハイジさんだan really long latency period of time, which means that signs of the disease won’t emerge until eventually 30 to 50 years after the 1st exposure to mesothelioma. Pleural mesothelioma, that is the most common type and impacts the area across the lungs, could potentially cause shortness of breath, torso pains, and also a persistent cough, which may cause coughing up our blood.

    42. he'd like to put me in for a 1 but he can't because it's not allowed for a 4 to move to a 1."This was quoted on Yammer. HR responded that there is no such rule. Very sad. There was no reason to lie about it to me. If my org couldn't get me the rating they wanted they should have just said so. At least I'd have known how they actually felt about my work. Now it just makes the entire chain above me look like a bunch of timid fools lying to cover up their insecurity. Some days you just want to be like 'Cypher' and be a naive part of the Matrix not knowing the truth.

    43. I should mention that I stopped drinking packaged fruit juices – ALL of them, no matter what is written on the label – they all have too much sugar. My dentist gave me that advice. I don’t even buy packaged veggie juice – if enzymes start to die after 20 minutes, then they don’t have any. Also, the 1st time I drank real veg juice from the juicer I felt sick – it was toxins being moved out, so if you feel nausea after the 1st few times, don’t fret, you’ll be fine.

    44. Kirjoittelin vähän enemmän tästä raha-asiasta ja nykyisestä kriisistä noin viikon takaisella Perussuomalaisella asialinjalla – jutun, kommentteihin. Ajatuspajassa kaiketi ajetellaan. Käykää lukemassa jos kiinnostaa se mitä raha on. Jos vaikka tulisi ajattelun aihetta. Ajattelemattahan ei asia aukene.

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    47. Nappede du også en tår af skovbær dåsen? Tager selv til tyskland en gang hver 2-3 måned og køber drikkevare og andet usundt. Og ja, køreturen kan sgu hurtig blive lang og kedelig, og det er bare fra Esbjerg. Kan forestille mig at det er noget af en hård tur når i kører helt oppe fra Aalborg, damn.. o_O

    48. Patricio: Te jodo de la trasnoche de radio universidad. Por ahí te acordás de mi o de Carlos Grudny del Colegio Nacional. La cosa es que estamos conduciendo la trasnoche y los miércoles en general viene gente a ser reporteada, pasar música y tomarse un vino (el cual por supuesto paga la producción y esta relativamente bien). Nos gustarías que vengas y charlar el tema de licencias alternativas y cultura digital. Te dejo el mail para arreglar. Se que es tarde pero, nada, hay vino

    49. Funny you should mention this topic, I had similar thoughts whilst watching 'Mary Queen of Frocks' last night. Why do the over-40s feel they're not catered for in shops? I'm now over 50 and have never felt that way. Maybe I dress too young for my age (I don't think I do but perhaps I'm wrong), or maybe I don't often buy clothes new from the shops, but I seriously have never felt like that. And, frankly, would not wish to wear the Mary-clone clothes Ms Portas has produced for my age group.

    50. eu sempre kiss usar bandana , nunk tive umadaii ganhei fiquei muito felizmais quando coloquei minha prima começou a mim xingardizia : -que palhaçada éer essa…aii fiquei muito triste mais agora eu vou usarbjus para quem leu ..

    51. Här blev jag fast……det här var det sötaste jag sett pÃ¥ länge!!! Sen blir jag full i skratt samtidigt när du berättar om myrorna….och det fina ljuset :=) Typiskt oss som gillar att fotografera…..vi kan bli ganska hänsynslösa ibland….:=) Ett HELT underbart inlägg…tack för att du delade med dig!!! Kram

    52. Punch should know better how to write reports that make this kind of “analytic” or “investigative” claims. Where for Christ sweet sake are the details of the analysis and observations of the so-called “statisticians”? No nothing as the code report?..Please Punch, do what you can do best. If you have claims put them out there. Or you quit claiming what you obviously have no capacity of being…

    53. GORDO | April 30, 2012 at 6:20 pm |Why ?‘THE THREAT’ remains. ***************************GORDO, I was going to say in essence the same thing. Whatever muzzled the mouths of the Clintons re. O’s lack of eligibility is the same that influences their behavior since then – FEAR.

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  33. Dear Lone,I *was* afraid. But I trusted the hypnotherapist as he was a teacher I’d known a long time, and the whole class was partaking in it. I have to say, it really helped me to give up control in a safe way. And it was so relaxing, freeing and wonderful. I actually want to get certified as a hypnotherapist.

  34. Un nouveau boycotteur. Si seulement nous avions été plus nombreux, Sarko et sa bande ne seraient pas à se gausser de 12 millions de téléspectateurs.Quant au contenu, du vent, de l’esbroufe pour des pseudo-questions prémachées et des réponses prédigérées.

  35. Parinvaihdossa kun on hyvin pitkälti kyse siitä, että luotetaan siihen kumppaniinsa. Että tiedetään kuka siitä viereltä aamulla herää.Illalla ja yöllä mennään, mutta aamulla palataan ruotuun Kuinka moni olisi sellaiseen parinvaihtoon valmis missä et tiedä kenen kanssa olet yhdessä?Parinvaihtoon kun ei taida oikein kuulua tunnesiteeseen pohjaava valinta muutoin kuin sen oman vakikumppanin kohdalla

  36. Ha, luschtig! Wir haben bei den Pfadfindern mit dem Material experimentiert und ein umfangreiches Herbarium während eines Zeltlagers in Südtirol her- und in Köln ausgestellt. Ich kann mich daran erinnern, dass das Material nach einiger Zeit verblasste. Gibt es auf deiner Packung Infos über die Langlebigkeit? Wahrscheinlich muss man die Oberfläche irgendwie schützen? Also nicht nur Buch, sondern auch Chemise und Schuber bauen. ;–)

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