Be Live Canoa Beach

“Magnifico complejo localizado sobre la bellísima playa de Bayahibe, de arquitectura colonial y tropical con una gama de colores caribeños que les hará pensar que es un sueño”

Localizado directamente en una de las playas más hermosas de la República Dominicana, Bayahibe  y a corta distancia en barco de la Isla Saona, la excursión más vendida del país.  Rodeado de una magnífica vegetación tropical, el hotel es situado a pocos metros del Parque Nacional del Este, uno de los principales yacimientos antropológicos de la cultura Taína.  A solo 30 min del aeropuerto internacional La Romana y del reputado pueblo de artistas Altos de Chavón y a 1 1/2 hora del aeropuerto internacional  Las Americas de Santo Domingo.


Be Live Canoa Beach Resort ofrece 532  habitaciones distribuidas entre 3 edificios.
Cada habitación dispone de televisión vía  satélite, teléfono, aire acondicionado, ventilador de techo, baño completo y balcón.476 habitaciones tipo Superior vista al mar o vista al jardín, con balcón,  40 Junior Suites con sala de estar y balcón,16  Pent-House y suites y  4 Villas con un dormitorio , sala de estar, jacuzzi y terraza.



El Be Live Canoa Beach Resort dispone de una extensa gama de actividades, deportes, juegos de mesa donde usted no tendrá tiempo para aburrirse.

Shows en vivo todas las noches en el anfiteatro Areito
Discoteca & Sports Bar  (Bebidas incluidas hasta la media noche).
Minigolf 9 hoyos
Club de niños con piscina
Gimnasio, sauna y 2 jacuzzi
Veleros Sunfish y clases de windsurf
Piscina gigantesca
Tabla de Boogui y  shuffleboards.
Lecciones de buceo y snorkeling
Badmington, croquet  y tenis de mesa
3  canchas de tenis ( disponible solamente durante el dia )
Baloncesto, voleibol de playa  y polo acuático.
Programa diario de actividades para adultos y niños.
Canoas y kayaks.
Clase de aerobic y danza latina
Todos los impuestos y servicios legales


Rigoletto” : Capacidad 150 personas.
Restaurante internacional ” A la carta ”
El Charro : Capacidad 150 personas
Restaurante Mejicano ” a la carta ” .
La Piragua : Capacidad  700 personas
Restaurante buffet .  Servicio de desayuno, almuerzo y cena.
Snacks, BBQ  & Pizzas durante todo el día.
3 bares y 1 Sports bar.
Bebidas Internacionales Ilimitadas y refrigerios (Bebidas y refrigerios durante toda el día).
Vino servido con la cena


Restaurante ” Caribbean Grill House “, cena. : Capacidad  90 personas
Armonía Essence Spa: paquetes especiales disponibles.
Centro de buceo Sea Pro Divers PADI /SSI: para buzos certificados y principiantes.
Deportes acuáticos motorizados y renta de crazy wheels.
Caja de seguridad en las habitaciones
Servicio Internet
Tenis nocturno
Consultorio Médico
Tienda Náutica, tienda de regalos y banco de cambio
Servicio de niñera

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    1. Hi Becky,Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such kind words. I can't wait to join in on your new adventure on Wednesdays…I too feel a little empty on Tuesday when I am not trying to snap a shot of something to post for WW. i hope you have an awesome week full of bliss and blessings!!Smiles,sheila

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    43. Such a great point about making the holiday what you're comfortable with. We've just really started celebrating Mabon as a family and right now its just sorta an early Thanksgiving. Your point about Octoberfest and Grandparents day at the same time and those as possible influences has started to give me ideas. I may change our fest to be a combination of food from our heritages, mine German and my Hubby Puerto Rican. And maybe incorporate the kids doing something for their Grandparents to help celebrate their heritage.

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    58. Usko tai älä Jenni, meinasin just linkittää omaan blogiin tän sun arvion (ja linkitänkin 😉 – taistelen sivulla 300 ja allekirjoitan kaiken jo tähän mennessä… Ihan ok kirja ja paikoitellen vetävääkin, mutta miksi sen täytyy olla niin PITKÄ??

    59. Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a forty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

    60. Instead of shaping numbers on tese videos, if American Idol is smart business wise, they will release a compilation of Jessica’s videos and sell it or better yet, the whole season 11. I love them all. I can’t get enough of Joshua, Phillip, Hollie all of them!!!

    61. Great post, Tami. I’ve been working on a post for ARP about how I have actively chosen to work in predominantly white institutions (PWIs) as an Asian American woman. Some days I think I’m crazy.. some days I am… some days I realize it’s the socially responsible thing for me to do in this world. Always glad to hear that others go though the same struggle and looking for ways to diversify their own lives. I’ll save it for my later post, but wanted to let you know that you’re not alone!

    62. I would go to the doctors and insist on them prescribing whatever prescription medication is available and reasonably safe for Abby’s nausea, because throwing up 20-30 times a day is crazy. The nonprescription medications I know of that are most likely to help a nauseated kid are Gravol (dimenhydrinate is the generic name) and Pedialyte (that’s for re-hydrating her).

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    64. Signori, stiamo calmi…I cattolici post-concilio, i cattolici adulti etc.. stanno ormai sempre più scomparendo… stanno sparando gli ultimi colpi!Questa notizia è il segno che si sentono pressati, che sono nervosi … d’altra parte se conservano ancora molto potere non è perchè hanno popolo ma perchè si sono alleati con le forze di sinistra che, oggi, hanno molte posizioni di potere….Ma in realtà non contano nulla! … stanno, per usare un eufemismo, lentamente “morendo”…. pertanto, non mi preoccuperei molto e non darei troppa importanza al fatto…

    65. Is America nothing more than a set of principles? Nobody loves their parents or children because of principles. It is blood that matters. The passing of one generation to another. The things you can’t change. I suspect it is usually the same with nations. Do Americans whose ancestors were on US soil before independence feel that the nation their forefathers built is merely a canvas for everybody else to draw on? This ‘America is an idea’ not a real nation stuff sounds like an attempt by later immigrants to justify their own presence and impact on the old Anglo-American nation.

    66. Funny! Our 1 1/2 year old just said “Itchy butt” to my mom while she was changing his diaper. I love this age where they are just soaking up everything you teach them. Only things, we never know what will stick or not. Apparently “Itchy butt” stuck

    67. stuk, erg sterk :)Haha Pippi ur so right !Maar hamdulilah ben ik grotendeels over die periode heen. Nu heb ik gewooooon platte schoenen met baggy jeans (lekker wijd). Gewooon haren in een staartje. Alles draait nu om comfort!Als ik ga verloven doe ik Inshallah wel wat vrouwelijker haha. Eens kijken wie hier eerst naar innerlijk kijkt 😀

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    69. The difficult status of the Mizrahi is the result of Israel’s discrimination against them. I am not “demonizing” Israel. I am pointing out facts about Israel. Facts that you either don’t know or don’t care to know (or both). Israel as a Zionist state has not been good for Palestinians or Jews, but you can’t handle that fact. And frankly, Scarlett, I don’t care how you label my posts. Its a defensive reaction of yours so that you can continue to walk around with your head up your a** wondering why everyone else can’t see how *rosy* things are up there.

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    73. Ashley~ Oh, I so understand not wanting to ‘jinx’ anything! It must have been such a stressful time, the excitement and the fear. I do hope her sister doesn’t know she’s got the ‘runner-up’ name. I love your book titles! Without knowing the stories connected of them, they really seem like they’d be a great encapsulation of the themes. But also catchy as far as popular fiction titles.

    74. Hehe, som Ã¥ spa sand i sahara… SÃ¥ sant!Men jeg tør pÃ¥stÃ¥ at beste følelsen i verden er Ã¥ synke ned i sofaen i rent hus og tente lys! Helt til neste gang, hehe!Ha en fin søndag – her er brødbakst og en liiiiten tyvstart pÃ¥ julemusikken pÃ¥ wimp:) Anbefaler Michael Bublès julecd nÃ¥r du er klar for julemusikk. Skjønner at ikke alle er like tidlig ute som meg;)KlemBenedicte

    75. You made those, Becky? Wow, they're stunningly beautiful!! Such a creative, talented, gifted gal you are. (Though, of course, I've known that for years, since I've been the lucky recipient of many of your wonderful creations in years past. Do yo remember that sunflower swag you made for me? It hangs in my kitchen…always reminds me of you.)Great news about the stores wanting to carry your merchandise. I'm so excited for you.Love,Patti

    76. Hi Fred. I looked into it briefly, though I’m not sure it’d be too useful for me. JavaScript on the server side is a neat idea, but it looked like the API was in constant flux and I wasn’t totally sold on the advantages. Right now I’m more interested in all the new HTML5 stuff coming down the pike, though I’d be open to looking into node later on. Why do you ask?

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    78. “The one thing I don’t understand is why are future results different? I thought at the team level they were both the same, so they would predict the same results? How can one be more predictive than the other? I think I am just slow and not understanding something…”Antonio, if players switch teams than your allocation of credit at the player level will influence the predictive accuracy.

    79. Wat een cadeautjes Saskia, Allemaal even leuk, behalve dat berichtje van je dochter (hoop dat ze de draad weer op kan pakken na een poosje) En van je naaimachine..(heb net mijn lockmachine laten nakijken incl. een nieuw mesje: 72,10….Pfffff)Geweldig die schaatsjes, en idd. een kleine attentie bij je bestelling is zoooo ontzettend leuk. En ja, ik vind dat je een kaartje wel een cadautje kan noemen hoor. Zo ervaar ik het tenminste als ik een kaartje krijg.Een fijne avond,liefs Ester

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    83. Blah blah blah Bomber. Yes Israel are heavy handed in this situation, yes the odds are against the others. But sho started this little bit of nonsense?BTW, your actions and those of Unite were shameful and embarrassing. I hope next time you start to rabel rouse like that the cops reply with equal force and you will have youself to blame.

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    87. September 20, 2009Qusii! I miss you so much. Thank you, m’dear, for your reassuring words. I know I have genuine friends, mumsy, and a hubby, that truly love me, and they won’t ever turn their back on me (this includes YOU). I think about you often and thought about calling you. I think I will sometime soon. Oh, we also popped in Shadow of the Colossus a few nights ago and thought of you. We love that game so! <3

    88. Harden was a tough cover because he can shot from outside but prefers to drive. He and Westbrook put a lot of pressure on guards (as well as the big men because they usually beat the guards off the dribble). This has now been reduced because Martin is more of a shooter. He is constant motion but I would rather him shooting from outside than to have Harden shooting and 1s. OKC did well in getting products for Harden, but again the winner of the deal is almost always the team that got the best player (exception Melo to NYK).

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    91. Ja, det är verkligen lustigt att det är så! Men intressant också och självklart vill jag fortfarande läsa din blogg. när det gäller just Svindlande höjder så är jag nog ganska ensam om att ha så svårt för den så annars skulle jag behöva sluta läsa typ alla mina favoritbokbloggar och det vore ju – skandal!

    92. Jim, why didn’t you say you were going? Kevin, Caesar and I were there as well with tickets in which looks to be in about the same exact location as you from your pictures. Did you enjoy any of the Socialist hot dogs, Socialist water, or Socialist hot chocolates? How about the Capitalist pizza ($40 for an $8 Connies Pizza).It was a good time, even if I don’t support Obama or the Democrats. Pretty cool to see everyone come together that night. But one thing I took from there, if the Cubs ever win a World Series…Obama who?

    93. Gretchen – I know, seriously! It would make the cake a snap to prepare. I do use the veggie peeler and mandoline which makes it go pretty fast. When I have more cabinet space I’ll invest in the corer/peeler/slicer. I’ve seen them in action and they’re definitely pretty cool!

    94. ! Bravo…And,I did watch the interview with Oprah, and I thought that she handled it well( Oprah).Actually, I really did not think that Palin was so bad either.The one thing that I did notice , is that ,both women were respectful of each other.As long as people treat one another with respect, in spite of the differences,like George Bush, Sr. and Bill Clinton( who are good friends), we can make it through this crazy world, with out too much grief.Fighting is just for those of us who do not sacrifice to serve their country, either in Politics or War.

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    97. I love the Living Life part, describing the various parts of your day. SO many of us can relate to those different things. The 19 year old daughter you can never seem to reach… got one of those!! They tell us it will get better, around 23-25 years old. Hang in there!!

    98. Angel, I am where you are as well… God, I don’t know what to say. Apart from that every time I take the “wrong” road, much fun as it is, it leaves me empty and depressed after the initial rush of enjoyment. It is difficult though to resist the instant gratification of the “wrong” road.People may call me a lukewarm Christian if they want to, but I have to agree with Peong’s comment above. Once I started looking beyond certain “Christians”‘ hypocricy and the faults of the Church, my Faith became stronger again.

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