27 charcos de Damajagua

Los Veinte Siete Charcos del Río Damajagua! Están enclabados en las colinas onduladas de la Cordillera Septentrional de la República Dominicana y atrás de los tallos de caña de azúcar coloca un tesoro que no va a encontrar por ninguna otra parte de este mundo. La Madre Naturaleza ha fabricado veinte siete charcos maravillosos, grabados por la caliza, listo para la diversión. Venga y descubra el secreto más guardado de la República Dominicana.

Río Damajagua es una aventura. Vas a nadar, saltar, dislizarse y escalar hasta que que no puede hacerlo más. Para asegurar que viene preparado, aquí hay una lista de lo que debe traer y lo que debe dejar en su casa:

Lo Que Debe Traer
Traje de baño.
Zapatos cerrados que se puede mojar .
Cámara de agua.
Licra, si lo tienes.
Efectivo para meriendas y propinas.
Cualquiera cosa que no se puede mojar .
Joyas que se quiten.


Lo Que NO Debe Traer
Cualquiera cosa que no se puede mojar .
Joyas que se quiten

Reglas Generales
Estas reglas fueron establecidas por el Secretaría de Estado de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales para proveer la seguridad de cada visitante y la conservación de un monumento natural.

Favor de mantener los siguientes normas en mente durante su visita:

Es imprescindible hacerse acompañar de un guía.
Escuche todo tiempo las indicaciones del guía.
Es recomendable llevar zapatos cerrados.
Debe llevar chaleco y casco para subir las cascadas.
Niños menores de ocho (8) años, sólo pueden subir al primer charco.
Manténgase siempre en el sendero, no se separe del camino ni del grupo.
Esta es un área protegida y por tanto un tesoro natural nacional. Favor protegerla.
No se permite pescar.
Se prohíbe escribir y hacer garabatos en rocas, hojas, árboles, instalaciones y otros elementos del área protegida.


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  78. Mercurior, thanks for all this. Interesting reading indeed. Some of them I had come across. What I am hoping to find (maybe does not exist) are statistics: out of that 70%, what % is infidelity (a commonly cited cause) and, whose infidelity. I’d seen somewhere that abuse or violence is rarely cited although it appears on the lists of common causes. So I’d be interested in the %. The last on your list (American Law and Economics Review) looks most promising and I will look into that, but I wanted to acknowledge your post and thank you in case I can’t get to it today.

  79. That’s wild, because I live in NY and thought it was just the opposite: the guys here are weenie dweebs and all the while I’m thinking in a place like Wyoming they’d be much more civilized. Who knew? How are the girls at least? If they’re like cowgirl super hotties maybe we should switch: you come back and live here and I’ll go there. 😀

  80. David – well spotted, and thanks for pointing this out. We mistakenly entered the proportions who don’t think same sex relations are as valid as heterosexual relationships, instead of those who do. We’ve corrected it so that these are now the right figures. ‘Don’t knows’ account for the rest. Thanks again.

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  82. Great observations about communication, Rick! Reminds me of one of Covey’s 7 Habits: “seek first to understand, then to be understood” which, frankly is borrowed from James 1:19 ” Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”Good stuff!!

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  88. I loved my Uncle Jerry! So thrilled he gave his life to Christ one month before he went home to Heaven. He was a very gentle and kind person. He will forever be thought of and greatly appreciated in mine and Steve’s hearts. When we were just kids, at the age of 18, he helped us get into our very first home, giving back to us, his commission and helping us with the mass of paperwork. What a nice man and proud to call him”Uncle”!!

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  111. Sharon, you make a good point with your Clinton-Romney comparison. I won’t be doing a Clinton analysis (just blogging about the vice presidential and presidential speeches). Too many speakers/speeches and too little time. But both conventions have been intriguing! For the most part during these past two weeks, I’ve been out speaking myself during the days and glued to the TV during the evenings.

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